Funko Announces Gangnam Style PSY(and POP), Walking Dead Wobblers

Hey Sexy lady… Funko continues to stay on the razors edge of popular culture with the announcement of new products based on “GANGNAM STYLE” and “THE WALKING DEAD.”

Gangnam Style


Oh? You don’t know what Gangnam Style is? First, can I ask…What rock/cave have you been living under/in? And secondly, it’s your lucky day!

Click Here To Watch The Video With Over 660 Million Views!

Oh? You DO know what Gangnam Style is?
Congratulations! You’ve turned on a television, radio or computer in the last 30 days!
And also…How excited are you about…brace yourselves…THESE?!!?!?

 Available DECEMBER 20TH!


The Walking Dead Wacky Wobblers


Episode One of Season 3 broke cable rating records for AMC with nearly 11 million viewers!
Please, please, please tell me you are one of the 11 million!
It’s too good for you not to be!

As many of you know, our Pop! line sold out within one month of receiving our first shipment!
The Pop! line will be back in stock on 12/20…

In the meantime, do me a favor, and make sure you don’t miss out on these, available 12/13!

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