Funko’s Disney PopVinyl! Series 3


Pop! Disney: Series 3

We LOVE it when a line comes together…

As you can see, most of these characters go hand in hand.
Let’s take a closer look and do the math…

Peter Pan + A Sword + A Crocodile = Captain Hook!
(I wonder what they called Captain Hook BEFORE ‘the hook’?)

Cheshire Cat + A Curious Blond + Mad Hatter = A Very UN-Birthday!
(I love my un-birthday…Feel free to sends gifts!)

Ariel – A Voice + Legs = Ursula’s Dream Come True
(As much as I love my legs, you know…walking and all…Me, not talk? HA!)

Edna E. Mode + Fashion Sense + Spandex = Elastigirl
(Are we allowed to use ‘fashion sense’ and ‘spandex’ in the same equation?)

Alien + ‘The clawwww!’ = One of my favorite Toy Story Scenes
…Also, Zurg is a Toy Story Character.

Duck + Pooh = Uh….Shoot…Wait a minute…
I’m SO sorry, that one just didn’t work as well as the others.

Thankfully, these are WAY cuter than that sounded!

MANY Characters are AVAILABLE NOW!


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