G4 not going away just yet – Report

NBC Universal reportedly will rebrand the Style Network instead of G4 when Esquire Network launches later this month; G4 will supposedly stay “as is” with no investment in new programming.


It appears G4 is not going away just yet. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that when the Esquire Network launches this month, it will not replace G4, but rather the Style Network.

The rebrand is expected to take place on September 23.

NBC Universal announced in February that G4 would become the Esquire Network on April 22, with a focus on attracting a “more educated, affluent, sophisticated” male viewer.

Just because G4 is staying alive does not mean NBC Universal will invest in new and original programming on the network.

Tentpole shows X-Play and Attack of the Show were previously canceled and staff laid off. The network is expected to stay “as is,” with investment in new programming “highly unlikely,” according to the report.

Author of the report Lacey Rose said on Twitter, “Worth noting: G4 will stay as is for the foreseeable future, but don’t expect investment in programming, etc. Esquire is the focus.”

G4’s current programming lineup includes reruns of Cops and American Ninja Warrior.

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