Game collection asking for $550,000

eBay listing for 30-year trove of 6,850 games, 330 consoles, 220 controllers, and 185 accessories seeking more than half a million.


eBay user "" is unloading a trove of 6,850 games, 330 consoles, 220 controllers, and 185 accessories, with bidding starting at $550,000.

The collection has no offers thus far.

The eBay user explained that the collection is the result of more than 30 years of collecting games. "I just have too much things and the space to store them is finished long ago."

The user, who lives in Milan, Italy, spent more than eight hours a day for the past two months simply taking pictures and cataloging the inventory.

The listing includes various collector's items, including the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles pearl white GameCube, the Metal Gear limited-edition PSP, the Hitachi Gamenavi Sega Saturn, and both of the Bio Hazard Dreamcast systems in red and blue. A full list of items included in the collection is available here.

Last year, a French game collector's eBay listing for more than 7,000 games across 22 systems sold for over $1.3 million.

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