Geek Shall Inherit Episode 025 – Busted Butch, Sad Sundance

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who do and have served in the armed forces. It’s because of your sacrifice that Jason and I are able to sit in a room together once a week and talk about whatever we want, and you are able to listen to it whenever you want.

We had a lot of ground to cover looking at this past week in pop culture. There was a lot happening in movies, TV and toys. We even cover some music and a book! We had a ball recording this episode and not even the sorrow of a broken figure could dampen our spirits.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Daniel talks about his experience last weekend in UCB’s Tournament of Nerds. You can see all of UCB’s pictures of that night here.
  • Daniel still wants ‘West Wing’ figures but wants a over from last week’s topic, and Jason brings in some ‘Show and Tell” from his answer last week. Everything is going great… until tragedy strikes…
  • Jason brings in the newest Paul McCartney re-issue deluxe boxed set.
  • GI Joe Retaliation has been pushed to March 2013.
  • Jason give his thoughts on the Skyfall teaser trailer.
  • The new 4-Minute The Amazing Spider-man Preview.
  • A little Avengers 2/Thor 2 speculation.
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Sherlock Season 2 has wrapped.
  • House Series Final
  • We both think TRON : UPRISING is going to be fantastic.
  • MEGO MEET is June 8-9 in WV
  • Hot Toys Avengers Loki
  • Jason and Daniel’s latest action figure finds.

And much more!!!

You can listen here or on iTunes!

Round One, Match Four: Jack Burton (Big Trouble In Little China) Vs. Reigning nerd champion Dax Herrera representing Biff Tannen (BTTF trilogy) at the UCB Tournament of Nerds

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