Geek Shall Inherit Episode 047 – I Hope I Don’t Have a Skyfall!

Don’t you just love technology? Guess where I’m posting this episode from… give up? An airplane! I’m hurdling through the sky, but I’m still able to post a new episode of Geek Shall Inherit. But that’s also why I mention in the title that I DON’T want a Skyfall in this instance!

Don’t forget we are almost to episode 50 so if you have any idea, topics or suggestions make sure you get them to us ASAP!

And hey! What do you you know – Today as I write this we passed the 7000 “like” mark on our Facebook page, so thanks to everyone on that! Now, who’s up for 8000? Spread the word! Phone the neighbors and wake the kids. It’s an all new GSi!

In this episode we discuss:
Battlestar Galactic Blood & Chrome on Machinima Prime/You Tube
- Daniel picked up the new TRU exclusive Star Wars Speeder bike (finally on model) and last wave of vintage style figures.
- Lots of new casting news: Frank Grillo as Crossbones in new Cap Am Movie, Jamie Fox as Electro in Spider-Man 2, Mark Walberg in Transformers 4 and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing new Hercules movies.
- Man of Steel opens June 14th (will be in 3-D)
- Jason’s Skyfall plans and the Connery cameo we ALMOST got.
- World War Z trailer
- David Tennant on Clone Wars
- Star Wars Angry Birds is out now
- Jason’s Douglas Adams kick
- Episode VII rumors – Harrison ford coming back for “Death of Han” and directors.
- On Halloween Daniel found out he had a famous neighbor.
- New 52 Justice League of America #1 will have 52 variant covers.
- Room 237 doc on The Shining.
- TRU Exclusive Christmas Gizmo from NECA.
- Jonathan Coulton Christmas CD

All that and more on an all new episode of GSi!

You can listen to it here or on iTunes!

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