Geek Shall Inherit Epsiode 024 – Rainbows and Sunshine Vs. The Curmudgeon

I hope you are sitting down or at least well rested for this episode, because we cover a LOT of topics in a little over an hour. We start off with an outline for all the latest pop culture and geek stuff from the past week and somehow manage to find our way to discussing Ted Nugent , bad Helen Keller jokes, and even uncovering my darkest secret – My appearance on the classic lip-sync game show “Puttin’ on the Hits.” When I sat down to write this I knew there was no way to list all of the topics we cover in this episode, both on purpose and off on a tangent.

Here’s just a small sampling of the topics we cover in this episode.

All that, and believe me when I say – much, MUCH more!

You can listen to the new episode here or on iTunes.

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