Get An Exclusive Look At One Direction And Taylor Swift Prepping For The VMAs! (VIDEO)

Get an inside look at what One Direction and Taylor Swift are up to backstage at the VMAs!

OMG, guys, can you stand it?! Because WE CANNOT. The 2012 MTV VMAs are MERE HOURS away, and we're practically holding back tears of joy thinking about it. Because we're major snoops We were dying to see what people were up to in the final hours before the VMAs kick off tonight at 8pm E.T., so we took a peek backstage to visit VMA-nominated songstress Taylor Swift and British boy band (and perfect hair pioneers) One Direction. We now have these CHAR-MING behind-the-scenes clips of the two acts gettin' ready, or if you want, you can also watch them on 1D and Taylor's MTV artist pages. Because choice is everything!

Watch Taylor Swift and One Direction's behind-the-scenes VMA videos after the jump!

From the looks of it, Taylor spent time hanging out backstage before the VMAs strumming and humming the tune to her new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," and apparently fending the boys (read: Kevin Hart) off with a stick. (Man, isn't life hard when you're a tall, leggy blonde who can play guitar?) After talking to us about his (cough fictional cough) breakup with Taylor, VMA host Kevin Hart confronts her in person about "dumping" him. "Really, Taylor?? You know what, for the last time, stop writing songs about me!" Taylor stares back, clueless. "This...this isn't about you," says Taylor. Suuure, sure. "YOU'RE ALL ALIKE!" yells Kevin before storming out. Awww, it's ok, guy! Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger... AND more VMA ready!

One Direction, on the other hand, are just boyz being boyz in their behind-the-scenes video. After telling us all about their first time (cough performing at the VMAs cough), and starring in their own collection of dreamy slo-mo promo videos (still swooning over here), Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis are seen in a charming montage where they do everything from goofily grin at the camera to, er, pretending to punch the camera. Well, just don't punch the camera when you're actually performing at the VMA stage, K guys?

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Watch Taylor Swift and One Direction's behind-the-scenes VMA videos.

Don't miss the 2012 MTV VMAs live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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