Gratuituous GIFs Of Usher Shirtless

Today Usher releases his seventh studio album, Looking 4 Myself. And while Usher spends some time looking for himself, we'll be spending even time looking at him. Specifically at those abs. I mean, come ON. If you're Usher -- and trust me, you're not -- you've clearly spent as much time at the gym as you have writing paeans to panty-dropping and rarely writing out the entirety of the word "you." And if you're Errshr, you've earned the right to take off your shirt in at least one video per album. So behold: Our GIF collection of our favorite flavor of Usher: shirtless. Take that, rewind it back.

+ Check out our shirtless Usher GIF wall after the jump!

Photo credit: Getty Images/ GIFs by T. Kyle MacMahon of

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