Green Day Picks The 2012 Best New Artist & Gives One Direction VMA Advice: ‘Don’t Fall Off The Stage’

Green Day rehearse for the 2012 MTV VMAs on the same stage they hope One Direction won't fall off of.

Green Day's performance at the 2012 MTV VMAs will be their fifth time rocking the VMA stage. (Only Madonna's got more VMA performances under her Boy Toy belt at seven.) And as VMA veterans -- they've won a total of 11 VMAs, in case you needed reminding -- and the show's elder statesmen (they lost their VMA virginity back in 1994), they can be relied upon to issue cautionary tales and offer words of wisdom where VMA performances are concerned.

And speaking of the VMA stage, following their VMA rehearsal tonight, they issued an official VMA warning (ehh... get it? "Warning"?) for One Direction, with whom they share performing duties at this year's show, and who'll be stepping out onto the VMA stage for their very first time. And their advice -- is pretty simple: "Don't fall off the stage." It's simple advice, but really, some of the best advice is. (Really, who even knows what "a bird in the hand is better than one in the bushel" means or whatever?) So it bears repeating: One Direction, watch your step at the VMAs.

Watch Green Day share their advice for One Direction and place their bets on Best New Artist.

Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt (Billie Joe Armstrong was resting up following his recent hospitalization) went on to place their bets on the winner of this year's Best New Artist category -- a category they were nominated for in 1994 but lost to Counting Crows. (Coincidentally, Counting Crows are not playing this year's VMAs). And the winner (according to Tré and Mike) is... Fun.! AND One Direction! AND Carly Rae Jepsen! I say we settle this by a jousting match, and the first two to fall off the stage are immediately eliminated, and the remaining artist wins. And that is exactly why they don't put me in charge of these things.

May the best (and most-voted for) artist win, and may you all tune in on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 8 p.m. ET to watch Green Day (and One Direction) perform live at the VMAs. Without falling off the stage.

+ Watch Green Day pick the Best New Artist and warn One Direction against falling off the VMA stage.

Don't miss the 2012 MTV VMAs live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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