Green Day Release Trailer For New Album, ‘Uno!’

Green Day give us another look at their upcoming ¡Uno! album.

Okay, be honest. It's been a while since you dusted off that studded belt and leather wristband. If you let the punk rocker in you slip away a little bit, it's okay. We always forgive. Well, luckily we'll soon have some new joints from the best punks in the biz to whip us back into shape. Yes, I'm speaking of the TRIUMPHANT return of Green Day and their new album, ¡Uno! It's about time, boys.

Watch the trailer for Green Day's ¡Uno! after the jump

While the details are still coming in, here's what we know. In between playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's wedding, Billie Joe and company have been hard at work in the studio recording not one, not two, but THREE ALBUMS, titled ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! (We spot a theme and a little word play.) Crazy over-achievement? Maybe, but we are so ready for that over here. The trailer gives a sneak peek of a few possible song titles like "Carpe Diem," "Kill The DJ," and others we probably couldn't repeat aloud in a library without being thrown out. Take a look at the Green Day recording their new album, and get ready for the release of ¡Uno! on September 25. "Wake Me Up When September Ends" never sounded so right.

+ Watch Green Day's ¡Uno! Trailer.

Photo credit: Marina Chavez/WBR

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