GTAV bigger than RDR, San Andreas, and GTAIV combined – Report

Gameworld supposedly larger than combination of Rockstar's past games; players can switch between three protagonists at "nearly any time."


The news flood for Grand Theft Auto V continues. The digital edition of Game Informer's December issue was released today, and Kotaku reports that it bears numerous news nuggets about the upcoming open-world action game.

The first is a claim that the gameworld of GTAV is larger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas, and GTAIV combined. The game's fictional Los Santos setting reportedly includes wilderness, a military base, and an explorable underwater ocean floor.

Additionally, the game's three protagonists are named Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Players can switch between them at "nearly any time," the magazine suggests. Further, these characters will sometimes work together, with players able to swap back and forth in a similar way to the Lego series of games.

On top of that, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin each have a distinct personality, skill set, and posse of friends. When players are controlling one of the characters, the other two will leave and do something else on their own.

Similar to Red Dead Redemption, GTAV will have randomized missions and events. These include events surrounding hitchhikers, dead bodies, muggers, and others to be named later. Lastly, the GTAV gameworld will include some sort of an economy, though players will not be able to purchase properties.

Rockstar Games last week confirmed that GTAV will ship for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during spring 2013. Preorders for the game opened this week at select retailers in the United States and Europe. The game's second trailer will arrive November 14.

For more on GTAV, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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