Guild Wars 2 devs spell out early issues

ArenaNet works on stabilizing parties and guilds, adding account security measures; takes conservative approach to bringing more servers online.


The world of Tyria has bustled since Guild Wars 2 officially launched on Tuesday, but it's also suffered some growing pains like many massively multiplayer launches before it. ArenaNet compiled a list on Reddit of areas currently under work in the game, including bringing its trading post and mail system online and implementing more account security measures.

Guild Wars 2 sold more than 1 million copies and hit 400,000 concurrent users as of its pre-release head start period. That player base has had problems staying connected, as ArenaNet said both the game's party and guild systems are failing intermittently. The in-game mail system will remain disabled to prevent account looting until email authentication for access from new computers is enabled. That feature is slated to go live today.

ArenaNet said it believes the majority of compromised accounts appear to be from other service's hacked account databases. The hackers then search for matching Guild Wars 2 accounts and can gain access if the same password was used.

Even players without security problems may have some trouble getting into the game. Additional French and German language servers have been brought online as worlds for both were at or near capacity. While servers are currently crowded, Guild Wars 2's developers are being conservative in adding more to avoid underpopulation once the initial rush of users subsides, ArenaNet said.

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