Guild Wars 2 sells 1 million before launch

ArenaNet's pay-once PC MMORPG hits platinum status prior to release today; peak user concurrency of 400,000 reached during head-start period.


ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 launched today, and it has already racked up some impressive sales. Publisher NCsoft today announced that more than 1 million gamers paid for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game in full prior to its release.

Prepurchasing the game allowed players to take to Tyria ahead of its launch today, and according to NCsoft, users took advantage of this offer in spades. The firm said Guild Wars 2 reached a peak user concurrency figure of over 400,000 during the prerelease play period.

Guild Wars 2 puts players into a persistent fantasy world that is driven by a range of dynamic events. The game costs a fee up front but does not require a monthly paid subscription to continue playing.

The team at ArenaNet has a small group working on a console version of the game, but no announcements have been made concerning Guild Wars 2 arriving outside of the PC.

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