Here Are 12 Reasons I Personally Will Be Watching The 2012 MTV Movie Awards On Sunday, June 3 At 9/8c!

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are what you'll be doing with your Sunday, and we have that in common because I'll be watching the Movie Awards too! Sure, it's easy to say "Oh, Tamar, you're strictly watching the Movie Awards because as a Viacom employee you're contractually bound to do so." Well I'm not contractually bound, but I would fear that I'd have nothing whatsoever to talk about around the soda machine, and that'd just be rather embarrassing. The truth is, I'm just a good person who likes good awards shows about extremely popular, action- and/or comedy-packed movies. Sue me. (Actually don't because I don't have any money.)

Wait, what? The mere fact that I'm going to be watching the Movie Awards isn't enough to compel you to tune in? Fine. Here are 12 substantial reasons you should watch.

1.) THE PRESENCE OF JOHNNY DEPP! Johnny Depp will receive the MTV Generation Award for performing in, oh, I don't know, PRETTY MUCH ANY MOVIE THAT HASN'T SUCKED since "Platoon" up through "Dark Shadows."

2.) THE PRESENCE OF ANDY SAMBERG! "That's My Boy" star Andy Samberg is presenting, and he's also my NUMERO UNO celebrity crush, so I'm already trying to make room in my brain and my life for the resultant fantasies.

3.) THE PRESENCE OF ANDREW GARFIELD! Andrew Garfield, my No. 2 crush, will also be presenting a Movie Award. NOT THAT I KNOW THAT BECAUSE I STALK HIM OR ANYTHING.

4.) THE PRESENCE OF CHARLIE SHEEN! Charlie Sheen will be there!! (What could POSSIBLY go wrong?) Everyone's favorite tiger-blooded warlock and former CBS star will be introducing musical guest Wiz Khalifa. Between the two of them, they know EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW about partying.

5.) THE PRESENCE OF RUSSELL BRAND! 2012 MTV Movie Awards host Russell Brand is one of my favorite comedians on this land- and water-covered planet. He hosted the 2008 and 2009 VMAs, and if you haven't seen him do his seagull joke, then Google it, but make sure you're not in a PSOS situation, because it's completely crass (and therefore hilarious).

6.) THE PRESENCE OF DRAKE AND KIM KARDASHIAN! What's better than Drake getting Punk'd? (Besides Wheelchair Jimmy getting Punk'd?) Drake AND Kim Kardashian getting Punk'd by the godfather of Punk'ing, ASHTON KUTCHER. Watch the special "Punk'd" episode  Sunday, June 3, 2012 during the “2012 MTV Movie Awards Punk’d Pre-Party at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

7.) THE MUSIC! In addition to Wiz Khalifa's performance, Fun. will be performing "We Are Young," (and don't act like you don't have "We Are Young" on BLAST daily) and The Black Keys will be performing "Gold On The Ceiling." And have you SEEN their "Gold On The Ceiling" video yet? BABY TWINZ!

8.) KAT GRAHAM ON THE RED CARPET! The adorable Kat Graham, singer of "Heartkiller" and "Put Your Graffiti On Me" and vampire slayer, is MTV's Special Style Correspondent on the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show AND the MTV Style Red Carpet Report. WERQUE.

9.) THE FANCY SET! Check out the Movie Awards STAGE! Swish, right?

Get even more reasons to watch the 2012 MTV Movie Awards after the jump!

10.) VANILLA ICE! Robert Matthew Van Winkle, AKA Vanilla Ice entered into a rap battle against Will Forte during MTV's Sneak Peek Week interview with the "That's My Boy" co-stars. It was hilarious, but that's a battle no one wins, my friend.

11.) KATY PERRY MOVIE SNEAK PEEK: We'll be getting an exclusive look at Katy Perry's "Katy Perry: Part of Me" concert movie. Which is good because I don't like when there's something that happened in her life and I don't know about it.

12.) BIEBER + BRIDESMAIDS! Justin Bieber's backing "Bridesmaids." THAT'S YET ANOTHER THING WE HAVE IN COMMON!

Now with that, celebrate 20 years of Movie Awards' Best Kiss winners by watching famous people making out, courtesy of

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Watch the 2012 MTV Movie Awards live on Sunday, June 3, at 9/8c! Plus watch the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Punk’d Pre-Party for exclusive movie clips, red carpet arrivals and to see Kim Kardashian and Drake get Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher in an all-new episode of “Punk'd."


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