Here’s A Gratuitous Picture Of Kanye West Eating An Ice Cream Cone (PHOTO)

Kanye West enjoys an ice cream cone (just like us normies)!

Kanye West is the kind of guy who can have anything he wants: the finest cars, clothes, and even GORG girlfriends who are totally willing to dress up in couples Halloween costumes and occasionally use you as a recliner. And yet sometimes 'Ye is just like the rest of us and truly craves the simple things in life -- like going H.A.M. on an ice cream cone. Even though ice cream is more of a summer treat, sometimes you just get that unshakable hunger for a pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked (or insert your preferred flavor here). TRUST, we've all been there, Kanye.

Snapped chilling in a London hotel, Kanye indulged his sweet tooth with a seriously delicious-looking ice cream cone. And yes, while enjoying an ice cream snack is a simple act everyone can relate to (STARZ: THEY'RE JUST LIKE US), this IS Kanye West we're talking about. We're going to guess that the ice cream in question was an artisanally-created flavor made with the rarest of ingredients, prepared by a team of chefs, sprinkled with gold shavings (this is a real thing that people do), and delivered on a silver platter. Yes, Kanye likes ice cream like the rest of us, but he's gotta do it HIS way (well... we're guessing, of course). Bon Appétit, Yeezy!

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