Here’s The 2013 Grammy Awards In GIFS!

Because moving photos are WAY better than not moving photos!

A bunch of really important stuff went down at the 2013 Grammys, and while we think we found some of the night's most crucial photos (aka Beyoncé casually throwing up a gang sign, Ellen DeGeneres checking out Katy Perry's rack, and Jennifer Lopez's leg), what kind of caring pals would we be if we didn't GIF-ify the show's standout moments too? Because ask yourself this, friends: Does a normal photo of Rihanna popping and locking inspire you to whip out your crop top, light some incense, and throw on some Bob Marley? Does a normal photo of Jay-Z doing a fist pump with his "Suit & Tie" collaborator Justin Timberlake inspire you to throw on your high school prom tuxedo just 'cause? I DON'T THINK SO! Need a summary? Looking at photos is totally awesome, but looking at MOVING PHOTOS is wayyyyy better! That said, please enjoy this GIF collection of our favorite Grammy moments! But a word to the wise: Do NOT stare at this post for longer than five minutes. Or at least pop a Dramamine before you do.

Check out more GIFs from the 2013 Grammy Awards after the jump.


We've got Grammy night wrapped up on MTV: Check out show highlights, Grammys photos, Grammys red carpet fashion, and get the full winners list!

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