Hilary Duff Is Looking GORG, And We Want To Be BFFs With Her And Mindy Kaling (PHOTO)

Hilary Duff and Mindy Kaling? Please make room for us in your cuteness sandwich!

We LOVE that Hilary Duff hasn't become one of those parents. I mean, look! Even though she just had a super adorable baby with her drop-dead gorgeous husband ::drools everywhere::, she STILL found time to attend swank parties with A-list besties like Hollywood powerhouse (she writes, she acts, she shops -- WHAT CAN'T she do!??) Mindy Kaling. Actually, now that we're thinking about it, what IS Hilary doing out!??!  Girl, go home and snuggle with your flawless family! JK you do you.

Whatever the "With Love" singer is doing, we think it's totally WORKING, because Hilary is looking FRESH TO DEATH while posing with Mindy at the "The Mindy Project" celebratory bash in West Hollywood. (Um, can we all agree: CUTEST DUO EVER?!).

I'm mostly swooning over the idea of becoming BFFs with the ladies -- I'd bring so much to this friendship table! Mindy would obvs be the hilarious one, Hilary would be the musical/mom one, and I'd be...actually, I don't know what I'd be (other than swooning over them semi-inappropriately). But at least my friends would rule.

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