‘Hunger Games’ Star Liam Hemsworth Is ‘Team Haymitch’

'Woody Harrelson is one of my favorite actors, and I was really, really excited to see Haymitch come to life,' Aussie actor tells MTV News.
By Kara Warner

Liam Hemsworth
Photo: MTV News

As painful as it has been for us "Hunger Games" fans to wait for the film's release, imagine how anxious the stars themselves have been to see it.

We've heard how Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson reacted to seeing the finished film for the first time, and now it's time to hear what co-star Liam Hemsworth had to say after his first viewing.

"It was amazing just to see all the different actors and what they've done with it," Hemsworth told MTV News recently. "Woody Harrelson is one of my favorite actors, and I was really, really excited to see Haymitch come to life. He's awesome. I'm Team Haymitch all the way; I think he's amazing.

"The movie is intense from beginning to end, and it's powerful," Hemsworth added about the finished product. "You have this girl who gives so much hope and courage to everyone, and Jennifer is the perfect person to play it. She pulled it off perfect."

After joking with the Aussie actor about how his brother, "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth, helped him prepare for the initial audition, we asked Liam how he approached his character knowing that, while he doesn't have a lot of screen time, his role in Katniss' life is vital.

"It does add a little pressure. It's always harder when you're coming in for smaller amounts and you have to convey everything that needs to be conveyed in small moments, but the writing was that good that it wasn't hard," Hemsworth said of maximizing his screen time. "The director was that good and Jennifer was amazing, so it was all kind of already there."

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