Hunting Simulator Open Country’s New Gameplay Trailer Shows You Can Pet The Dog

Publisher 505 Games has dropped a new gameplay trailer for the outdoor survival simulator Open Country. The video highlights the environments to explore while hunting wildlife, as well as the dog companion that players can take on their journey.

The two-minute trailer is a narrated affair. The voice calls attention to some of Open Country's features, such as the distinct personalities of each map and the behaviors of the "indigenous creatures" that react idiosyncratically to others. Players will make their way through the wildness using wits, bushcraft skills, and weapons to survive.

But the pièce de résistance of developer Funlabs' outdoor hunting survival simulator is the friendly dog companion players can take on their excursions. The hunting dog, which is currently nameless, looks like a black Labrador and can complete all manner of tasks, from discovering animal tracks to obeying basic commands.

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