In Honor Of Her 28th Birthday, Here Are The Sweetest Photos of Katy Perry! (PHOTOS)

Katy Perry loves to wear her candy!

Happy Birthday, Katy Perry! You're 28 now, and we have absolutely no idea what to get you (read: we can't afford anything you don't already have). That being the case, the only gift we can think to give you is the most priceless gift of all: the gift of compliments. As you well know, money can't buy love! (Though it can buy candy...)

Check out more photos of Katy Perry rocking sweet outfits after the jump, and see them all in our THE SWEETEST PHOTOS OF KATY PERRY PHOTO GALLERY.

And we're off! Katy, you're not even thirty-years-old and you've already killed the music game (remember when you did this?). And remember when you successfully rocked that sweatsuit on front of your man John Mayer? Do you, girl! You're also pals with the President (and have the clothes to prove it), had the chutzpah to dress up like Justin Bieber at a Justin Bieber concert, and most importantly, threw yourself a Halloween-themed birthday bash and got John Mayer to dress up for it! If there's a better life out there, we're not sure what it is. Mazels on a great 27th year and an amazing 28th to come! Now, as another gift to you, Katy, please enjoy our collection of the sweetest photos of you, ever.


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