Jack Black and Jennifer Hale to voice characters in Double Fine’s Broken Age

Full cast includes a mix of new and returning voices from previous Double Fine games.


Double Fine Productions has revealed some of the actors who will be lending their voices for upcoming Kickstarter-funded point-and-click adventure Broken Age. Recognisable names include Jack Black (Brutal Legend), Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect 3, BioShock Infinite), Richard Horvitz (Psychonauts), and Nick Jameson (Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle), as well as others from previous Double Fine games.

The announcement was made during the developer's PAX Prime panel, and has been made available as a clip on the company's official YouTube channel.

In July this year, Double Fine announced that it would be splitting its crowd-funded game into two halves, and using revenue made from the first part to fund development of the second. Backers of the project will receive both episodes at no additional cost. The studio raised $3.3 million during its campaign.

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