Jared Leto Gets Better Looking With Age, Unfairness Ensues (PHOTO)

Jared Leto is like a fine wine and gets better (looking) with age!

Either the fountain of youth is getting bottled up and sold in bulk at some magical Costco where only famous rock stars are allowed memberships, or Jared Leto is just another one of those insanely lucky human beings who never ages (see: Gwen Stefani). If we look ANYTHING like Jared when we're 40, we will PRAISE the skin gods!

The lead singer of Thirty Seconds To Mars sported this youthful-looking smize during a recent photo shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson and shared it (along with other poses) on his blog, Note From The Outernet. But seriously, guys, we can't stop staring! Sure, we're kind of gawking at the fake fur Jared's sporting (it wouldn't be a Jared pic if he wasn't in some sort of unique attire), but we're mostly trying to find one effing wrinkle on bro's face. BTW: There isn't A SINGLE ONE.

If the band needs a suggestion on what their forthcoming new album's first music video should look like, we suggest just a slo-mo montage of Jared going Benjamin Button on our asses -- we'd watch that ish for days.

Photo credit: JaredLeto.com

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