Jennifer Aniston’s Foul-Mouthed, Sex-Crazed Boss Wins Best Dirtbag

'Horrible Bosses' star even filthier than Jon Hamm and Colin Farrell in brand-new Movie Awards category.
By Jason Kaufman and Jocelyn Vena

Jennifer Aniston wins Best Dirtbag at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards
Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

In the end, Jennifer Aniston wound up being the filthiest of them all.

Aniston took home the very first Best On-Screen Dirtbag prize at the MTV Movie Awards for her role as sex-crazed dentist Julia Harris in "Horrible Bosses." The category was introduced this year to celebrate the most cringe-worthy characters to hit the big screen this year.

But before she took the stage, a real-life cringe-worthy moment took place when some audience member heckled presenters Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg when they took the stage. The actress shook off the jab, with "Ted" co-star Wahlberg by her side, and handed the Golden Popcorn to Aniston.

"I mean, do you know how long I have tried to have somebody let me unleash my on-screen dirtbag? A really long time," Aniston told the room. "And thank God this category just popped up. So I would like to say 'thank you' to the television show 'Friends' for letting me unleash the inner sweetheart and here's to [director] Seth Gordon for allowing me to be a dirtbag."

Aniston faced some stiff competition. Bryce Dallas Howard made for a horribly racist Miss Hilly in "The Help." Jon Hamm used bedroom acrobatics to turn Kristen Wiig upside down in "Bridesmaids." Aniston's own "Bosses" co-star Colin Farrell had gotten reckless with a mound of cocaine and a slimy mustache. And then there was "Project X" star Oliver Cooper for his over-the-top party-boy antics. Cooper made the case for why he should win to MTV News all week.

"I f---ed up an entire neighborhood. I didn't care about my friends. I still don't care about those guys, OK? What else did I do in that movie? I don't even remember. It's all a blur. I don't even care about the movie — that's how much of a dirtbag I am," Cooper told us. "I just want that goddamn popcorn, so I can have a career." In the end, all of Cooper's campaigning didn't matter since the Golden Popcorn is headed towards Aniston's mantle.

When MTV News caught up with the unexpected scene-stealer last summer to discuss "Bosses," she revealed how she decided to take on the foul-mouthed, sexually explicit role.

"It wasn't a 'might.' There was never the word 'might' [involved in deciding to take the part]," Aniston told MTV News. "It was pretty much, 'How fast can I say yes? I will play this part.'

"I'd never seen anything like this woman, and I couldn't imagine not doing it," Aniston explained, adding that she was happy to be approached for a role so outside of her comfort zone. In the end, it was a gutsy and risquéé move that wound up leading her to Golden Popcorn glory.

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are officially under way! Stick with MTV News for minute-by-minute coverage, and don't forget to go to to cast your vote for Best Movie!

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