Jennifer Lopez’s Leg Is The New Angelina Jolie’s Leg (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lopez takes on Angelina Jolie's infamous leg pose!

Angelina Jolie may have OWNED the leg dress back in 2011 when she showed off her Oscar lewk, but Jennifer Lopez's version at the 2013 Grammys basically says, "This is how the look is done. Now, step aside (literally!)" We're not saying that Jennifer Lopez is actually competing with Angelina, but if we were gonna play that game, we'd have to say that JLo wins because she tirelessly rode the 6 for years, and because we'll never ever tire of "Waiting For Tonight." Or "Enough," for that matter.

The "Goin In" singer not only presented a Grammy (alongside Pitbull), but she also showed us EXACTLY what a Grammy-winning leg is supposed to look like. (I mean, she didn't win a Grammy for her leg, but she should have.) Oh, and leave it to JLo to push the boundaries of the Grammys dress code! We can only imagine her receiving the ceremony's fashion rules in the mail, LOLing at them, tearing them up, and deciding which inventive way she could break them without really breaking them. Yep, Angelina would approve. Maybe there's an Award Show Leg summit the two could attend at Canyon Ranch sometime this year? We'll look into it.

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