Jessica Simpson Might Have Another Epic Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson might be pregnant again, and here's hoping it's not endless like last time.

Turns out Jessica Simpson is a real Fertile Myrtle... maybe! The internet's gossip advisory is code red today -- rumor has it the mommy (who gave birth seven months ago to Maxwell Drew) is pregnant again. And of course I have some thoughts on that.

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We're thinking that if Jessica is pregnant again, it's probably wonderful news for the entire Simpson clan, because Ashlee Simpson's son Bronx could always use another cousin (cousins are like siblings you don't have to share a bathroom with or, you know, see all the time), and Maxwell is one friggin' adorable nugget, so no doubt Maxwell II will be kitten-level cute too.

But hold up. As blessed as a new Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson baby would be, I DO have some concern for Jess and her uterus. Remember how long she was pregnant the last time? While Jessica was expecting, Apple released like, seven new iPhones. In media time, her gestation period took twelve times as long as Kim Kardashian's marriage. So here's hoping Jessica enjoys a speedier bun-cooking process in her oven this time around, because honestly, it looks really uncomfortable.

Never mind that, though! Jess and her man make squee-inducing babies, and I look forward to seeing more of the family's poultry-themed Halloween 2015 costumes. (We say "2015" because that's when she'll give birth -- if, you know, she IS pregnant.) And maybe there's still hope for a"'Newlyweds" play date with Nick Lachey's son Camden!!?? No...? Too soon?

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