Joe Jonas Hacks Kevin Jonas’ Twitter, The Result Of Which Being This Bizarre Photo (PHOTO)

The above photo is what happens when Joe Jonas hacks Kevin Jonas' Twitter. Sorry, Kev!

The Jonas Brothers have been spending a lot of quality time together lately. In addition to brunching, chilling in the studio, attacking each other with Nerf Guns, and announcing a special reunion show in NYC, it's inevitable that some good old-fashioned Twitter hacking would ensue!

As the middle sibling, it's sort of Joe Jonas' job to be the mischievous one, right? I mean, I'm an only child, so I really only have old episodes of the "The Brady Bunch" to go off of here. But Joe Jonas definitely proved my theory right yesterday when he hacked into older brother Kevin's Twitter account. Along with a nuts photo of Joe looking possessed cross-eyed, Kevin (or was it Joe?) simply tweeted: "Hacked." We're totally LOLing at/running away screaming from this pic, Joe, but next time you happen to gain illegal access to Kevin's Twitter, could you could do all us a favor and post links to a few home movies? Because seeing archival footage of baby Kevin Jonas would BE EVERYTHING.

Photo credit: @KevinJonas

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