Johnny Depp Secures Place As ‘Alpha Vampire’

'Dark Shadows' star tells Robert Pattinson that 'there's room for two vampires on this block.'
By Jocelyn Vena

Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson
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In a recent interview with this big screen vampire, Johnny Depp opened up about any potential vampy face-offs with fellow heartthrob and big-screen bloodsucker Robert Pattinson.

When asked if there's any sort of blood feud with the "Twilight" star, Depp noted that it's all cool between the two actors. "There's room for two vampires on this block -- as long as he remembers I am the Alpha Vampire," he told at the London premiere of his campy vampire flick, "Dark Shadows," which opens this weekend.

Of course Edward Cullen and Barnabas Collins aren't really cut from the same vampire DNA. Where Edward is brooding and sullen, Barnabas is on the other end of the spectrum, with his oddball charm and old-world demeanor. And their transitions to the modern world are quite different. While Edward had been living in the world over the course of his vampire life, Barnabas had been in a coffin for 200 years before emerging in the 1970s.

When MTV News spoke to Depp about the film, he noted that exploring Barnabas' evolution in the contemporary world was what drew him to the story.

"Playing a kind of reluctant vampire, in a sense, the reluctant vampire who has been locked in a box for 200 years and his misfortune to be let out in an age when things are probably at their most surreal in terms of 1972," Depp said. "It's a very odd period. Things are changing radically; the sort of peace and love thing was over with, and we were rapidly approaching disco, so musically and aesthetically, that was the fun of it, to place this hyper-elegant figure from the late 18th century into one of the weirdest times of all time."

The film is the latest collaboration between Deep and director Tim Burton. It's the big-screen adaptation of the 1960s soap opera of the same name.

Who do you think is the Alpha Vampire: Edward Cullen or Barnabas Collins? Leave your pick below!

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