Johnny Depp, Tim Burton Joke About ‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel

'You'll be playing Jeffrey Jones,' director jokingly tells Depp, referring to actor in original flick.
By Kara Warner

Johnny Depp
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We're fully aware of the fact that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have very full schedules at the moment, given all their various projects like "Dark Shadows," Burton's "Frankenweenie," Depp's "The Lone Ranger," another "Pirates of the Carribean" movie, etc. But can we get Burton to free up his schedule sometime soon in order to film a "Beetlejuice" sequel already?

Because Burton has already expressed interest in exploring another "Beetlejuice" film with star Michael Keaton and "Shadows" screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith, when MTV News caught up with the busy director and frequent collaborator Depp recently, we threw in a question about what chance there might be in seeing Depp in the film, if it ever happens.

"Ugh," Burton replied, playfully scoffing at the question.

"Yeah, Tim," Depp reacted, adding emphasis for his friend to answer the question.

"This is my last movie," Burton continued as both of them chuckled at the idea. "You'll be playing Jeffrey Jones," he said to Depp, which sent the actor into further giggles.

"Yeah," Depp laughed. "I can play Jeffrey, I think."

"We can make it work," Burton said.

Now, whether Burton meant that Depp should play the character that actor Jeffrey Jones originated in "Beetlejuice" or that he should actually play Jeffrey Jones, that's up for interpretation.

On a more serious note, writer Grahame-Smith is definitely planning on delivering a script to Burton this year.

"I am hopefully going to write it this year," Grahame-Smith told MTV News recently. "I've gone and met with Tim Burton about it, I've gone and met with Michael Keaton about it. In theory everybody would be open to it if the script is good, so now it's just my job to make sure the script is good."

Additionally, Grahame-Smith is also in favor of including a role for Depp.

"I may not be able to avoid it — [Burton] may make me do it," he said of Depp getting involved.

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