Julianne Hough Got ‘Emotional’ For ‘Footloose’

'It still makes my dad cry, so I think that is a good job,' she tells MTV News of her favorite scene in the flick, which hits DVD and Blu-Ray this week.
By Jocelyn Vena

Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald in "Footloose"
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For fans who want to cut loose in the comfort of their living rooms, "Footloose" hits DVD and Blu-Ray this week, and it's chock full of all the dancing, scandal and good times fans went to the theaters to see last year.

When MTV News caught up with leading lady Julianne Hough, she told us how anxious she was for fans to finally see the film. "We were ecstatic because I've been attached to the film for the longest; so the fact that we shot it and we had to wait another little bit [for it to come out]. So, the anticipation was huge and we were so excited when it came out," she said.

"It's a cool feeling; the fans that loved the original, they loved this one, so I think that was a big payoff," she added. "I was ready for it to come out by the time we shot it and did all the press for it."

And as Hough reflected on filming the movie, she recalled some of her favorite scenes.

"The last dance — the 'Footloose' song when they're at the dance — it's such a good, fun feeling and it is iconic, so to be a part of that was amazing. I still love when I got to do the train scene, standing in front of the train, that was so fun too," she said. "I feel proud this is my first film and I got to go to an emotional place in the church and have somebody like Dennis [Quaid] and Andie [MacDowell] there backing me up; I'm proud of that scene. It still makes my dad cry, so I think that is a good job."

While fans will have to check out the DVD release to see what special extras made the cut, Hough teased that it may be a family affair. "I know that a lot of people that have had 'Footloose' connections are on the DVD," she said, including her brother, Derek Hough, who played Ren McCormack in the West End production of "Footloose the Musical" in London.

There's even one possible deleted scene that she hopes fans will now get the chance to see. "There was a scene that Ziah [Colon, who plays Rusty] and I did. It was a cheeky thing where I put lipstick on and I put my finger in my mouth and I pull it out and it looks very provocative," she teased. "It's pretty fun and I just remember that scene was hard to do 'cause when you're doing car scenes you're on a trailer, it's so close, it's not even funny, so I was so distracted that day."

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