Justin Bieber Gets His Own ‘Appreciation Day’ In New York City

June 19th is officially Justin Bieber Appreciation Day In New York City.

Justin Bieber pretty much has everything ever. An unstoppable career, fame, wealth, a hot girlfriend and an entire post dedicated to his swaggest GIFs (clearly that's the best one). Aside from being nominated as the next presidential candidate, the only thing left for Justin Bieber to do is either travel to space and/or get his very own day in the grand city of New York. And surprise surprise, he just got the latter.

Justin stopped by J&R Music And Computer World yesterday to meet some Beliebers and sign copies of his new disc, Believe. In the midst of signing tons of CDs and meeting hysterical fans, Justin received a proclamation from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer officially declaring the day "Justin Bieber J&R Appreciation Day." As in, there's now an official time where all New Yorkers should take a moment out to revere the swag king that is Justin Bieber. We wouldn't be surprised if on "Justin Bieber J&R Appreciation Day" next year there'll be no mail delivery, and we won't have to go to work. THANKS, BIEBER!

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