Justin Bieber Kissed Ariana Grande, And It’s OK! We Can Talk About It! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber kissed Ariana Grande, and it's ok!

Justin Bieber kissed Ariana Grande, and you're gonna be fine.

Last night, Justin Bieber kissed Ariana Grande on the cheek, Ariana posted a picture of it on Twitter, and the world subsequently exploded into a maelstrom of hormonal teenage rage. You guys, we get it. Sometimes we get way too involved in our favorite celebs' lives and freak out when they do something we don't initially approve of. (Did we spend the entire month of February 2012 identifying and tracking down the name and address of every screaming fan that One Direction made eye contact with when they performed "One Thing" at the 2012 VMAs? Brittany Murphy has your answer.) But these are their lives, and they're free to go about them as they please. WE KNOW, IT HURTS US, TOO.

Besides, we don't even know the context of this photo! While, yeah, theĀ "Right There" singer could have toooootally tweeted an amorous smooch (and that's fine!), based on Ariana's later tweet ("Everyone, girls are allowed to be friends with guys. I'm a lady. Chill out."), this peck on the cheek starts looks pretty platonic to us. Maybe that's just how the noted Segway enthusiast felt compelled to show his platonic affection for his "Believe" Tour opener! Some people hug, and some people kiss on the cheek! Have you ever been to Europe? They can't STOP kissing each other on the cheek. In Denmark, people kiss each other on the cheek, like, 17 times before engaging in conversation. So, what've we learned today? 1) Justin and Ariana kissing is totes fine, and 2) we know nothing about Denmark. Class dismissed!

Photo credit: @ArianaGrande

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