Justin Bieber’s Bringing His Beliebers And His Swag To MTV On ‘Justin Bieber Live’

Legions of eager Beliebers (whom I assume have already preordered Justin Bieber's Believe album this morning, because if you're a true Belieber, getting the album should've been today's first order of business after breathing) have been camped outside of MTV in Times Square for the "Justin Bieber Live" special, featuring Justin's live performance and Q&A with Sway.

But no Beliebers had as much swag as these two fans -- best friends Bailey Fore and Elena Fallon, 23, who tweet under the handle @dumbsmartgirls and who showed up in handmade swag shirts after rescheduling their trips back home to Florida and Washington, D.C., when they got tickets to the show.

"I'm missing a day of law school," Bailey said. "I called in sick to work," Elena told me.

Don't worry, lady! The dudes at your law firm probably aren't reading this (and it's weird if they are). And if they are, just show them this Bieber Swag GIF wall, and they'll probably understand.

+ Watch "Justin Bieber Live" on demand, and don't miss his swoony performance of "Die In Your Arms":

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