Kat Graham Reveals 10 Things She’s Obsessed With AND Does The BEST Kristen Wiig Impression Ever!

Do NOT make Kat Graham sing!

One of the first cardinal and unspoken rules of interviewing celebrities/talent/famous and attractive people is that you have to come off as totally chill and casual-like and not suddenly start breathing into a paper bag when someone MAJOR walks into the room. Behaving in an uncivilized, indecorous way around celebs is both untoward and unheard of...

Except all of that almost went out the proverbial window (it literally figuratively almost defenestrated) when I interviewed Kat Graham who, in addition to BEING ON "'THE VAMPIRE DIARIES" (!!!) and having an INSANE sense of style and humor, and in addition to recently dropping "Put Your Graffiti On Me" and "Heartkiller"  and hosting the MTV Style Red Carpet report at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, JUST SO HAPPENED to be HILARIOUS and gorgeous and perfectly coiffed and someone I'd REALLY want to be friends with.

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OK, so I kept my cool when I asked Kat Graham to share 10 things she's obsessed with, but inside I was like HOW CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS? CAN I HARNESS THE POWERS OF "THE SECRET" TO MAKE IT SO? What really almost set me teetering over the edge from the land of Being A Professional to the point of career-killing no return (by which I mean I wanted to hug Kat Graham's leg and never let go until she'd be forced to awkwardly shake me off and leave me crying and barreling down the belly of a deep shame spiral), was when she did the BEST impression of Kristen Wiig on "Saturday Night Live" in the 1920s party sketch. Oh you know the one. The "don't make me sing" sketch. (How could you not know that?) That is when I almost broke down and got down on my knee and attempted a BFF proposal. NOT THAT I DID. Again, strictly professional over here, nothing to worry about at all! But, if I may refer to "50 Shades Of Grey" -- NOT that I've read that book or anything, but my friend did -- my inner goddess was like doing Ren and Stimpy's "Happy Happy Joy Joy" dance. Again, that didn't happen, and I was TOTALLY chill and a grown-up, but it was VERY hard for me to suppress these urges. Also, I just REALLY adore Kat Graham, so sorry for all the shouty caps. (Not sorry.)

+ Watch 10 Things Kat Graham Is Obsessed With:

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