Katy Perry Enters A Time Machine, Emerges As A Flapper (PHOTO)

Katy Perry pulls off her '20s flapper look like ye olde pro while attending a City Of Hopes event in L.A.

Judging by the gazillion different looks Katy Perry's always pulling off (goth glamor, popcorn princess, magical mermaid to name only a few), we're comfortable hypothesizing that her closet has to be the size of our entire apartment (wouldn't be hard). Also, if the thought of spending five minutes in the singer's closet doesn't give you even minor heart palpitations, check your pulse.

Katy was snapped in her latest look, flawless flapper, while attending last night's City of Hope Music And Entertainment Industry Honors for Bob Pittman (oh, you know, just the guy who FOUNDED MTV). Even with everything she's got on her plate right now -- a forthcoming 3-D movie, the "Wide Awake" video's premiere on Tuesday, June 19, on MTV, and her Macy's Fourth of July parade extravaganza -- Katy's not too busy to step out (or Charleston, as the case may be) in costume. She's also admitted to having a hard time in her divorce, but judging by this photo, she can still pull off Harding-era chic. Just add it to the pile of reasons why we want to be Katy Perry when we grow up!

Watch Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" video trailer:

Photo credit: Getty Images

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