Katy Perry Gets Some Selfie Action On The 2013 MTV VMA Red Carpet! (PHOTOS)

Katy Perry took a TON of selfies with fans at the 2013 MTV VMA Awards

 Katy Perry is a SELFIE MACHINE!!

It's no secret that Katy Perry RIDES HARD for her fans, so naturally she wanna jump RIGHT into the action and mingle with her Katy Cats while cruising the 2013 MTV VMA red carpet at the 2013 Video Music Awards. And by "mingle" we straight mean take a bevvy of selfies (which Taylor Swift is also pleasant enough to do) with her most devoted fans!

 Check out more photos of Katy Perry taking selfies with her fans at the 2013 MTV VMAs after the jump.

And here's the thing -- aside from probably MAKING those lucky fans' days (and their Instagram feeds FOREVER), we're wondering if they had a second to whisper sweet nothings in Katy's ear? Like, "Thanks so much for taking this selfie, bb!! I named my cat after you!" Or, "I cannot effing WAIT for your debut live performance of "Roar" at the VMAs, might you be riding out on an actual lion?" (Clearly we're not giving up on that fantasy.) Either way, we're pretty sure these fans win the award for "person we're most jealous of tonight" and, in between our jealousy sobs, we'd also like to wish all these fans a hearty "congrats!" for having the balls to ask Katy for a selfie. #BallsOfSteel.

+ Watch Katy Perry perform "Roar" at the 2013 MTV VMAs, and relive her night in photos.

Video Music Award 2013 winners, red carpet photos, and the full VMA show free on demand at VMA.MTV.com.

Photo credit: Getty Images/MTV's Instagram

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