Katy Perry Is Handcuffed To A Photographer! (And HE-LLO, We’d Like To Be, Too) (PHOTO)

Katy Perry handcuffs herself to Popchips forever! (Or at least to the cuuute photographer of her campaign.)

Who woulda thought that when it comes to snacks Katy Perry would ultimately pick savory over sweet? We definitely had her pegged as a candy gal! Turns out we were wrong, as the four-time 2012 MTV VMA nominee's now the official spokeswoman for low-fat snack Popchips! So why is she she seen here in a bra and handcuffs? We have no clue, but it does look like Our Lady of Perpetual Wigs is not above joking around on set.

While at her Popchips promo shoot, the "Wide Awake" singer posed for a jokey handcuff picture with photographer Arthur Belebeau. Again, we're not quite sure what handcuffs have to do with promoting a healthy alternative to potato chips, but if it means we get to see Katy looking bomb while handcuffed to a cute dude, then we'll take it. Or perhaps this is all just a metaphor for her commitment to healthy eating? Handcuffing herself to the cause? Don't know, and don't care, because Popchips are in fact DELICIOUS. ::Reaches for private stash hidden in desk drawer:: Also, Katy Perry in a sports bra!  Also, try the salt and vinegar flavor!

 Photo credit: Splash News

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