‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me’ Concert Movie Won’t Be ‘Cheap’

Perry tells MTV News that fans will see 'exactly what I mean and feel and think about everything.'
By Kara Warner, with reporting by James Montgomery

Katy Perry
Photo: MTV News

Katy Perry shared a lot with us on Wednesday during "MTV First: Katy Perry," like how hard she worked to get in shape for her military-themed video for "Part of Me," when we might hear that duet with Rihanna, and some great new details about her upcoming 3-D concert movie.

"It's closing the chapter on Teenage Dream, but it's giving you such an inside perspective," Perry said when asked what fans will get out of the moviegoing experience this summer. "This film, you're going to see it from my best friend/buddy perspective, you're going to see exactly what I mean and feel and think about everything."

Perry went on to say that because she went through so much personally and professionally during her most recent concert tour, she wanted to share those experiences with her fans.

"That tour was so life-changing to me. I learned so much, I went through so much along the way," she said. "I'm not necessarily trying to prove anything to anyone, but not only will people really hands-down know me after they see this film, but you'll see me as the Dorothy wearing the red ruby slipper and at the end of it all I'm the [Wizard of] Oz as well."

Perry also promised that while there will be a few fun theatrics in the film to make the best use of the 3-D cameras, none of them will be of the clichéd or cheap variety.

"Listen, I've [worked on] most of this film for a very long time and the word 'cheap' was not in the vocabulary," she said. "But, hello, it's 3-D. You're going to get hit with a lot of sh--."

Are you planning on seeing "Katy Perry: Part of Me" in theaters? Let us know in the comments!

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