Kelly Clarkson Pulled Off The Best Photobomb EVER At The Grammys!! (PHOTO)

Kelly Clarkson photobombed the ISH out of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi at the Grammys!

As you well know by now, there were many stunning performances at the 2013 Grammys: There was Justin Timberlake annihilating his Jay-Z-assisted "Suit & Tie" performance, fun. got doused with rain, Taylor Swift was a glitter-wearing circus ringleader, and Jennifer Lopez's leg was Jennifer Lopez's leg. But what will everyone really remember for years to come? Oh, just that one time Kelly Clarkson PHOTOBOMBED Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi! Seriously, can we have another 2013 Grammys just so we can award Kelly the "Best Photobomb Of Life" trophy, PLEASE?

Being the subject of a miraculously timed photobomb wasn't the only interesting thing that happened to Ellen at the Grammys --  she was also super busy presenting with Beyoncé! And when she wasn't presenting with Beyoncé, she was getting caught flipping out over Katy Perry's  perfect rack! Damn, can't El just have a quiet and calm Grammy night? Whatever, now Ellen can totally be like: "I inspired the best photobomb in the entire world, aren't you guys jealous??" Like, we're talking "better than that stingray photobomb" good.

We've got Grammy night wrapped up on MTV: Check out show highlights, Grammys photos, Grammys red carpet fashion, and get the full winners list!

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