Kreayshawn Wants To WHAT With Lil B?! (VIDEO)

While we were at Bamboozle, our main man/guy who's trying to take our jobs, T. Mills, asked a whole bunch of hilarious questions. Some were about BBQing, some were about tattoos and some were about his own song, "Vans On." For those who aren't familiar (I SCOFF AT YOU), T.'s song is about "loving" the guy or girl of your dreams wearing only your Vans sneakers. Romance: not dead.

T. Mills got the chance to ask some of our pals at Bamboozle who they might f*** with their Vans on, and the answers were enough to make me blush. (That's saying a lot.) Wallpaper. let us know that he might do a twofer with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson while Matt Toka might have a mild case of necrophilia, explaining he'd have sex with Marilyn Monroe "dead or alive." But it was Kreayshawn who really put her sneaker-covered foot in her mouth: "I would f*** Lil B with my Vans on... I'm going to regret saying that later." She then goes down a shame spiral for about the next 30 seconds wishing she'd never said anything. TOO BAD, KREAY -- we got dat ish on tape, and tape don't lie. Yo, BASEDGOD, you down to clown?

+ Watch T. Mills ask our friends at Bamboozle who they'd f*** with their Vans on, and check out the rest of our Bamboozle photos, videos and interviews.

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