Kristen Stewart And The ‘C’ Word: A Love Story

'Snow White and the Huntsman' star tells MTV News her favorite British slang is 'a really good word.'
By Terri Schwartz, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Kristen Stewart
Photo: MTV News

We didn't quite know what we were getting ourselves into when we asked Kristen Stewart to name her favorite British slang word.

The actress spent a while perfecting her British accent in anticipation of "Snow White and the Huntsman," and between that practice and her British boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, we were sure Stewart had learned a phrase or five that she was partial to. But we should have realized where she was headed when she told MTV News that she was being "way too honest here" during her Sneak Peek Week interview.

That's right: KStew's favorite British word is "cu--." She defended it, saying, "You go over there [to England], and it's a very different effect. It's fun. It's good."

Sure, we would have gone with "arse" or "wicked" or "innit," but we sort of get where Stewart was coming from in her preferential colloquialism. As her "Snow White" co-star Sam Claflin said, "['Cu--']'s become the new 'mate.' "

The conversation could have ended there, but Stewart added that her favorite way to use the "C" word is by adding an "-ing" to the end.

"Add an '-ing' to it — this is terrible — I heard some really down English crazy guy, on our crew actually, really angry, adding the '-ing,' " she explained. "It's a really good word."

What about Claflin's favorite American word? Apparently, that's an easy question. "Aluminum. Garage. Trash," he said with a laugh. "The list is endless."

Fortunately, you won't hear the pair saying any of those words in "Snow White and the Huntsman," which hit theaters Friday (June 1). But at least now we have a better idea of what Stewart and Pattinson are whispering in each other's ears in all those paparazzi photos.

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