Kristen Stewart Gets Frisky In New ‘On The Road’ Clip

Two new scenes from Walter Salles-directed film show glimpses of Stewart's and Kirsten Dunst's characters.
By Fallon Prinzivalli

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund in "On The Road"
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A few lucky cinephiles saw Kristen Stewart's latest project "On the Road" when it premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday (May 23), but don't turn green with envy. For those of us who weren't able to jet off to France, MTV News is debuting two new clips from the film!

The first preview gives us a closer look at Stewart's character, Marylou. Labeled as a sexually loose free spirit, she confirms the description as the scene opens with her attempting to pleasure Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) while she's driving. After admitting to Sal her fear that her husband Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund) is going to leave her, she reveals her desire for a simple, secure life. "I just want a house, a baby, you know, something normal. I really do want that," she says.

As they continue their drive, she discusses the possibility of returning to a fiancée in Denver. That's when Dean wakes up in the backseat with a wide grin on his face and says, "I just had a great idea. You guys are gonna love it."

But we'll have to wait for the film's release to hear what he's thinking, because that's when the first clip ends.

Adapted from Jack Kerouac's Beat generation novel, the movie follows Dean, Marylou and Sal on their provocative road trip across America in search of self-discovery. As they pursue "it" — the pure essence of experience — they find themselves encountering an eclectic group of people who influence their journey in different ways. One of the people they come across is Camille, played by Kirsten Dunst.

The second scene gives us a preview of Camille and Sal's blossoming relationship as they sway back and forth to some jazz tunes in a bar. She asks if he's staying in Denver long, and with a look to his friends, he says he doesn't think so. But they disregard the thought and sing along to the song, laughing and enjoying the moment.

In an interview with Auréliano Tonet, director Walter Salles said it's the type of movement in this clip that helped the movie capture the energy of the book. "That's the power and drama of the characters in the film: They burn, burn, like Roman candles," he said. "How can this energy be represented onscreen? In the throbbing of bodies and gestures, constant motion, dancing. But we also had to find interludes of silence and contemplation, to contrast with the quick-paced sequences and bring out their speed."

Check out everything we've got on "On the Road."

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