Lady Gaga Reveals European Tour Dates, World Freaks Out

Petits Monstres (that's "Little Monsters" in French) of Europe, freak your ish out, 'cause Lady Gaga's headed your way! Now you really get to see what American culture is truly like -- crazy costumes, multiple personalities, and tons of outfits made of hair -- all up close and personal. (Uh, yah...)

Mother Monster tweeted a photo of her upcoming European tour dates for her Born This Way Ball: "ATTENTION EUROPEAN LITTLE MONSTERS: THE BORN THIS WAY BALL FIRST 21 DATES ARE HERE." (All caps, guys -- she's just as excited as us!) And because it wouldn't be an official Gaga event without some surprises, British band The Darkness (of "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" fame) announced that they'll join her on the first stop in Bulgaria. No word on whether the glam-rock band will open every show.

The European tour kicks off August 14 and includes eastern Europe, Scandinavia, German, France, and the U.K. before she wraps up the tour in Spain. BRB, quitting our jobs and backpacking across Europe for a few months to be a Gaga groupie -- Auf Wiedersehen!

 See Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball European tour dates after the jump.

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