Lady Gaga Rides A Mechanical Horse During The ‘Born This Way Ball’ In Korea, Obvs (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga rides a mechanical horse during the opening of her 'Born This Way Ball' in South Korea.

Before you start wondering if Lady Gaga toned down her "Born This Way Ball" tour performance to cater to the many South Koreans who were slightly nervous about her visit, we can answer you with a verrry firm "Nope!" Gaga opened the show via the only logical entrance (well, in Gaga-logic) -- she rode in on a giant mechanical horse!

Judging by the photo taken on the "Marry The Night" singer's BTWB set, we're thinking Gaga's been spending some of her travel time catching up on the dramatic scenes in "War Horse"? Maybe Gaga's mane event isn't exactly giving off the whole "epic World War I tale that tells the emotional story of a beautiful stallion who must part from his owner to be of service in the war" vibe, but these types of metaphors help us understand Gaga better... so please let us be.

While we're not sure what inspired her latest horse moment, we're just incredibly relieved that Mother Monster chose to leave that egg thingy she arrived in at the Grammys last year parked in the garage -- that ish still keeps us up at night.

Photo credit: Robin Kim

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