Lady Gaga’s Fragrance Film Is Existential And Weird, And We Love It (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga in her ad for 'The first-ever black eau de parfum.'

If you thought for one second Lady Gaga's fragrance ad for Fame would look like the typical perfume commercial (i.e. pretty girls hair-flipping in slow motion and flirting with guys lured in by their scent), then you were sorely mistaken. Aptly titled "Formulation," Lady Gaga's new fragrance trailer could literally pass for a two-minute excerpt from a Godard film. It's all sortsa existential. But then again, what exactly did you expect from someone who wears only undergarments to the airport and is hard-core enough to look like an all Chanel-clad flight attendant?

Watch Lady Gaga's fragrance film after the jump. 

Narrated in French with English subtitles, the clip starts with a sexy-sounding French dude explaining that Gaga's scent is "the first of its kind in fluid technology," and the "first-ever black eau de parfum." Breaking fragrance boundaries here, guys. Next, we see a bunch of lab guys mixing and pouring different scents into a bubbling pot. As the narration continues, the French dude elaborates: "Black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne." Tré deep, guys. In all seriousness, we have no doubt that Gaga's scent will smell like blood and money and sparkles and meat, so all that's left for us to wonder is whether or not the hot dudes come free with purchase? Now that's what we call a BARGAIN.

+ Watch Lady Gaga's fragrance film

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