Last day for amazing Reaper BONES Kickstarter project

In case you missed it, there’s only a few hours left to support the amazing BONES Kickstarter project from Reaper Miniatures.  We’ve seen this project grow over the past couple weeks, and we love it.  Here’s the skinny: basically you get 221 unpainted minifigures for $100 (!!!)

The trick is, there is no actual came called Bones – you don’t get a rule book or instruction manual telling you how to play with your over 200 new miniatures. They are just cool little figures to use with an RPG, paint them up and just display them on a shelf, or you could just invent a game…and we’re sure some enterprising individuals are doing just that right now.

But it’s rare to see deals like this, and time is running out. This ends today, Saturday 8/25, at 6:00pm EDT.

Go HERE to see all the details!  And check out the image below to see what a $100 pledge gets!

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