Linkin Park Put Your Face In Their ‘Lost In The Echo’ Video

Linkin Park are putting you in their new video. Yes, for real, you!

If you and your friends have always wanted to be in a Linkin Park video (obvs), you're about to get your wish. The band is totally making fan dreams come true with their new clip for "Lost in the Echo," which, once you've connected with Facebook, drops your pretty faces right into the cinematic video. You know, like a FAMOUS ROCK STAR or something. Chose your Instagrams wisely! The band members skipped the postapocalyptic party, so you won't get to digitally chill with Chester and Mike -- but having them soundtrack your official video debut comes pretty close. Spoiler: Bring some tissues; the video's crazy intense.

The band has been a longtime supporter of the important field of music video advancement, adding Michael Bay-level special effects in recent sci-fi-influenced efforts such as "Burn It Down" and "Iridescent." What will they do next? We're thinking either broadcasting from the Mars rover (look out!) or inviting us to a Google+ Hangout. We live in the future, you guys! The band's own latest blockbuster, Living Things, is out now.

+ Watch Linkin Park's "Lost in the Echo" video.

Photo credit: James Minchin

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