Listen To Forever The Sickest Kids Cover Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’

Forever The Sickest Kids covered Rihanna, and it's sooo good!

Happy month of Rihanna "We Found Love" covers, everybody! First we heard Bat For Lashes' slowed-down, string-laden version, and now Forever The Sickest Kids have released their take on Ri's epic smash, which will be released on Punk Goes Pop 5. And yes, we know -- you're not sure if any Rihanna song is gonna translate to a rock song, but let us assure you: It does. And amazingly well at that.

Listen to Forever The Sickest Kids cover Rihanna's "We Found Love" after the jump.

As you might have expected, the "Shut The Front Door (Too Young)" singers do a masterful job of preserving "We Found Love"'s clubby, radio-ready pop vibe, but they also spin the track in a considerably edgier direction, as punk rock boys are wont to do. Kyle Burns told KROQ, “We love doing cover songs for the Punk Goes compilations. It’s a time for us to get crazy without being worried about stepping out of our comfort zones, because they aren't our songs." And why'd they choose Rihanna? Well, aside from the fact that she's uhhh, Rihanna, it's also 'cause she's mad famous: "It's a popular song that I think everyone has heard 1,000,678,063 times. So we thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit." Mission accomplished, bros. Be on the lookout for Punk Goes Pop 5 when it drops Nov. 6!

+ Listen to Forever The Sickest Kids cover Rihanna's "We Found Love."

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