Listen To This Sick Remix Of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Your Body’

This remix of Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" RULES.

We're traditionalists around here: A movie sequel is rarely better than the original, pasta should only be eaten with marinara sauce (is that a weird one?), and remixes are almost never as good as the original song. But we stand corrected today, because we are full-on in lurrve with this remix of Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" by Niamson.

Listen to "Your Body (REMIX)" featuring Niamson after the jump.

Submitted as part of indabamusic’s remix contest, Niamson's "Your Body" has a drowsier, more laid-back vibe than the original, plus that retro-sounding '90s synth doesn't hurt either! And did we mention that the winner of this whole shebang goes home with a whopping $5,000 smackers? We can't officially declare Niamson the victor just yet, but we DO wish a hearty "good luck!" to everyone else who tries to beat him. And yes, you should definitely read into that. Also, we'd like to offer up this stunning Christina Aguilera "Your Body" GIF wall as a consolation prize to the second-place winner. It ALMOST compares to $5,000. And it will probably last longer, too.

+ Listen to "Your Body (REMIX)" featuring Niamson

Photo credit: RCA/indabamusic

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