Live Nation Gave Lady Gaga Her Own Plane, And She Made A Facebook Album About It! (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga loves private jets!

There's not much left to impress the gal that already has an entire genus of ferns named after her, but Live Nation managed to pull it off by getting Lady Gaga her own PRIVATE JET -- a 757 to be exact. We'll pause for gasps. We're sure you're all like, "Ummm, Gaga flies on private jets all the time, so why's she freaking out?" Well, this is HER OWN, totally customized, Lady Gaga-themed plane. Now do you get why she's losing it? You would be, too!

Check out more photos of Lady Gaga on her private jet after the jump.

Gaga was so thrilled about her brand-new toy that she dedicated an entire Facebook album to it, calling it "MY PLANE." And by the way, when we said "customized," we truly did mean totally tricked out. We're talking towels with Gaga's name on them, unlimited amenities, and most important, free plates of prosciutto! Lots and lots of prosciutto. Along with the photo (below) of a flight attendant toting carts of gourmet "plane snacks," Gaga captioned: "Her name is Joanna :) Maybe another sign from my aunt. Look at the cart. There's free prosciutto." Seriously, who knew all Gaga needed to be happy was a plate of free-cured meats!? Actually, come to think of it, we're surprised they didn't just craft the entire plane out of meat.

Photo credit: Lady Gaga's Facebook

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